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YAMAHA SRT700 Soundstage - Boxing Day Sales!!

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YAMAHA SRT700 Soundstage

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Top features: – Impressive sound quality for an immersive audio experience – Control the soundstage with your smart device or TV remote – Range of connections makes it easy to connect Impressive sound quality The SRT700 features Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II to produce impressive sound quality to enhance your home entertainment. With a clear voice function, you can also enjoy enhanced vocals with the simple press of a button. This is ideal for dialogue heavy TV shows and films, allowing you to hear voices clearly without having to turn the sound up too high. Control the soundstage with your smart device or TV remote Featuring Bluetooth technology, the SRT700 allows you to connect your smart device to the soundstage. Stream music from compatible devices or use Yamaha’s HT CONTROLLER app for iOS and Android to control the soundstage, adjusting settings to meet your preferences. You can also use your TV remote as the soundstage learns to recognise key functions such as volume and power on/off. Range of connections It is easy to fit the SRT700 into your existing home entertainment setup thanks to its discreet size and range of connections. You can connect to your TV easily using the optical, co-axial and 3.5 mm mini jack connections. To get you started quickly, an optical cable is included in the box.

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