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TURTLE BEACH Recon Chat Gaming Headset with Accessory Bundle, Gold - Boxing Day Sales!!

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TURTLE BEACH Recon Chat Gaming Headset with Accessory Bundle, Gold

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Lead your team to victory with the Turtle Beach Recon Chat Gaming Headset with Accessory Bundle. _____________________________________________________________Recon Chat Gaming Headset Game in comfort with the versatile Turtle Beach Recon Chat Gaming Headset. It utilises an open earcup design so you can clearly hear the sounds of your game through the TV while still picking up important chat from other players. The headset’s design means you’ll be able to wear glasses without discomfort while you play, while the single-sided earcup is reversible for your convenience. Friends and foes alike will be able to hear everything you say thanks to the high-sensitivity mic, and in-line volume and mute controls mean quick and easy adjustments are possible. _____________________________________________________________ VS2859 Xbox One Twin Docking Station You’ll always be ready for your favourite games with the Venom VS2859 Xbox One Twin Docking Station. The VS2859 allows you to dock, store and rapidly charge two of your Xbox One controllers. This docking station includes two NiMH rechargeable battery packs for use with your controllers. VS2889 Controller Kit for Xbox One A pair of controller grips let you hold your Xbox One gamepad with confidence – essential during intense moments when sweaty palms can jeopardise victory. Two textured thumb grips give you a surer feel as you move your character and adjust the camera. You won’t slip as often, giving you a competitive edge. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership 3 Month Subscription Enjoy unlimited access to premium Xbox gaming, competing with the best players in the world. Not ready to play the best yet? Then Xbox LIVE Gold Membership features a TrueSkill matchmaking system that allows you to review and then match your ability to other suitable opponents. The Microsoft Xbox LIVE Gold Membership gives you access to exclusive content and downloads, video chat access and the ability to chat to more than one person at once.

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