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SAMSUNG UBD-M9500/XU Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player – with 4K Ultra HD Upscaling - Boxing Day Sales!!

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SAMSUNG UBD-M9500/XU Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player – with 4K Ultra HD Upscaling

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Top features: – 4K HDR quality with upscaling for everything you watch – Compatible with Dolby Atmos for cinematic sound – 360 degree playback lets you enjoy immersive footage – Wirelessly stream content to your smartphone or tablet 4K HDR quality The Samsung UBD-M9500 Blu-ray Player is able to produce the best in picture quality with 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. High dynamic range (HDR) enhances the colour of everything you watch, so that every scene bursts with vividness and deep contrast. The M9500 will automatically recognise HDR content and optimise the settings, so that you don’t have to do a thing to enjoy the highest quality imagery. Compatible with Dolby Atmos By pairing the UBD-M9500 Blu-ray Player with a Dolby Atmos sound bar (sold separately), you can feel surrounded by incredible audio in every moment. Every film you watch will feel even more gripping, with realistic sound coming at you just like it does in the cinema. 360 degree playback The UBD-M9500 lets you view 360° photos and videos on your TV. Whether you want to watch immersive videos on YouTube or show off your Gear 360 footage, the M9500 is the perfect way to display it – to navigate around to every angle simple use the direction buttons on your remote control. Wirelessly stream content If your family can’t decide what to watch, you can easily watch two things at once with wireless connectivity to your Samsung smartphone or tablet. Using your home WiFi network you can stream content straight to your phone from the Blu-ray Player, so other people can watch something else on the TV.

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