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A50 Charging Base Station for Xbox One - Boxing Day Sales!!

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A50 Charging Base Station for Xbox One

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Top features: – Magnetic charging powers your headphones without cables – Cross-platform pairing lets you sync your headset with more multiple consoles – Astro Command Software Suite lets you customise output sources for the perfect sound – Aux in/out offers phone connectivity, so you never miss a call Magnetic charging Keep your Astro A50 headset powered up for every gaming session with the Astro A50 Base Station for Xbox One. With magnetic charging, you’ll never need to trail annoying cables from your plug socket to charge your headset. The A50 headset sits comfortably in the Base Station while charging while the lights on the front of the device tell you how much battery your headset has. So, you don’t have to rely on guess work when you’re settling in for a long match with mates. Cross-platform pairing You may need another console to play exclusive games, but you certainly don’t need a separate headset. With the Astro A50 Base Station for Xbox One, you’re able to use your headset across more than one console. Charge your PS4 A50 headset with your Xbox One Base Station and you’ll be able to connect your headset with your PlayStation. It’s the most efficient way to enjoy in-depth immersive sound across more than one platform. Astro Command Suite With the Astro Command Centre software, you can toggle audio settings to suit the environment you’re gaming in. If you’re playing with a group with friends or even at a tournament, microphone settings give you the ability to cancel out ambient feedback, so you aren’t distracted during the game. Increase the sidetone volume to hear yourself in noisy environments. Equaliser presets let you change to the most suitable sound, or even fine-tune the frequency for the most personalised audio experience. Aux in/out Never miss important phone calls when you’re in the middle of the game. With auxiliary jack connectivity, you can plug your phone into the Astro A50 Base Station so that you can hear it ring during your game. Or, if you love streaming your gameplay to your followers, add some music to your session to keep viewers entertained during loading screens.

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