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A40TR Gaming Headset & MixAmp Pro TR Headset Amplifier – Black, Black - Boxing Day Sales!!

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A40TR Gaming Headset & MixAmp Pro TR Headset Amplifier – Black, Black

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Top features: – Astro Command Centre lets you fine-tune your headset – Pro-quality audio delivers clear chat, game audio and music – Lightweight headset stays comfy throughout gaming session – MixAmp Pro TR gives you full control over your setup and audio Astro Command Centre Get the accurate sound you need to chat with mates and win the match, with the Astro A40TR Gaming Headset & MixAmp Pro TR Headset Amplifier. The accompanying Astro Command Centre software lets you tweak your audio settings to suit the environment you’re in. If you’re playing in a group with friends or even at a tournament, microphone settings give you the ability to cancel out ambient feedback, so you aren’t distracted at the crucial moment. Equaliser presets let you quickly change to the most suitable sound, or even fine-tune the frequency for the most personalised audio experience. Pro-quality audio With the enveloping, pinpoint-accurate sound your Astro A40TR Gaming Headset is capable of delivering, you’ll get further into the game than ever before. Designed with game developers, professional gamers and streamers, you can be sure you’ll get tournament standard audio that immerses when gaming at home and on the go. Thanks to a neutral frequency spectrum, you’ll hear everything as the developers intended, whether it’s a chilling war cry or a stirring soundtrack. Lightweight headset See the game through to the end in the same comfort as the beginning. The Astro A40TR Gaming Headset is ruggedly made with durability in mind, with premium materials that offer a range of adjustments and pressure-free comfort for marathon gaming sessions. A padded headband means you’ll be able to game with friends for hours without headaches or fatigue. MixAmp Pro TR Get the upper hand against your opponents wherever you play with the Astro MixAmp Pro TR Headset Amplifier. Unlock a range of listening options and settings that take your gaming experience up a notch. Enjoy lag-free, instant chat with your teammates by connecting your Astro MixAmp Pro TRs together, creating a digital daisy chain. Implement your gameplan without wasting those crucial seconds on audio-delay. You’ll also get 7.1 surround sound at the push of a button, and a rotary control that helps you strike the perfect balance between game sounds and chat.

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