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A40TR Gaming Headset & MixAmp M80 – Black, Black - Boxing Day Sales!!

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A40TR Gaming Headset & MixAmp M80 – Black, Black

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Top features:- Audio technology gives your game a feeling of being real – Control everything without taking your hand away thanks to the MixAmp – Add your own touch to your headset with the speaker tags – Lightweight and comfortable for long gaming sessions Audio technologyImmerse yourself in the game with the ASTRO A40TR Gaming Headset & MixAmp M80. ASTRO headsets are purposely designed for gamers so you can hear every bit of action. From explosions, movement and dialogue, you’ll never have to miss a moment with the clear and fine-tuned audio.Control everythingAttach the MixAmp M80 to your Xbox One controller for quick audio adjustments. Whether you need to turn up mic, lower the sounds in the game, or set the right EQ, you easily do it all without fiddling around with complex software. So march out onto the battlefield, gather your troops and head into war because nothing is going to stop you from winning.Add your own touchWant to choose what side the microphone is on? Well with the customisable speaker tags you can, simply change them around how you like to make them personal to your style.You can also reposition the microphone on either the left or right side of the headset to match your preference. Ideal if you’re left-handed or tend to switch positions throughout your gaming session.Lightweight and comfortable The Astro A40TR is also lightweight and durable. This means you can stay comfortable while you’re in the middle of an important mission and keep going for hours.Want to enhance your headset even further? Simply add a Mod-kit (sold separately) which includes synthetic leather ear cushions and a voice-isolating microphone, so you can jump in to your game even in loud environments.

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